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Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, the sequel to Valiant Hearts: The Great War, is a narrative puzzle/adventure game released on mobile through Netflix.

"Solve puzzles, fly above chaos and heal the wounded in this follow-up to the beloved adventure game inspired by World War I."

A dream came true! I loved the first one and wished since then to create at least one Game for Change in my career. I'm grateful to Ubisoft and Old Skull Games for this amazing opportunity.

  • Historial researches and documentation for the team.
  • Characters writing and in-game narrative development.
  • Story beats tool setup and writing, rationalizing players' emotions through the game.
  • Did narration presentations to the team to keep them informed.
  • Worked in collaboration with the game writer to ensure the story was consistent with our narrative direction.

  • Healing feature design and leading.
  • Designed the background firing and the destructible covers in collaboration with the principal game designer.
  • Actively helped the design team during brainstorms and by providing reccurent feedback.
  • Designed a part of the UX/UI of the game.
  • Tested the whole game, providing a detailed feedback document (with improvements gifs and mockups) for the entire team.