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Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis is a competitive online tennis game released on Apple Arcade, featuring some of the biggest Nickelodeon licences.

"Surprise your opponent with sudden serves and unique special moves in multiplayer mode against real players!"

Working on this game was a huge step up in my balancing and systems knowledge. It was also a great challenge as I became the Product Owner during the game's liveops.

  • While arriving on the project, did an audit about the game systems to the Game Director.
  • Took the lead on the systems design under the Game Director supervision.
  • Tweaked the game feel and the overall balancing to make everything perfectly work together.
  • Ensured systems were balanced considering both players' skills levels and meta progression during matches.
[LIVEOPS] Provided systems updates and values corrections considering the new content we added in the different updates.

  • Designed the characters passives and ultimates in collaboration with the designer in charge of it.
  • Helped the team designing core features considering the systems behind and the overall game feel.
  • Designed the trophies and ranking feature considering the Apple Arcade limitations.
  • Designed the UX/UI in collaboration with the team.
  • Adapted the game content following Apple Arcade requirements.
[LIVEOPS] Worked both as Product Owner and Game Designer:
  • Was in charge of defining the game direction, validating it with the client and transmitting the vision to the team.

  • Continued working on the systems, the new content and features to add, while improving the systems.