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The lands of Melphia is a tabletop RPG that I created in 2016, and I have continued to update it since then. I'm constantly mastering sessions with a small group of players, using their feedback to iterate on the worldbuilding, scenario, and game systems.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Rome, my goal is to offer an authentic universe combined with deep yet accessible game systems, to a wider audience than what the role-playing game market still offers today.
One of my hobbies is to challenge myself and prototype game ideas during game jams or in my free time.
Introduction to the game concept creation process up to the realization and presentation of a pitch document to an audience. To assist them, I improvised several pitches creations (original concepts and existing games) in front of them so that they could have concrete examples.
The google sheets database allowed the staff to track both ASVEL U15 and U18 players physical preperation.

Created a glide mobile app for Players, allowing them to follow their planning and answer to daily wellness questions.
Designed an ambitious game for change, created the pitch, and prototyped the usp mechanic.
Designed an AR/VR adventure game for a known ski station, considering the whole user flow in a touristic context, and following the user route between each different ski stations.
Designed the game concept and created the game pitch, winner of the "Pitch your Game" contest during the Japan Touch Haaru 2017, in Lyon.
Designed the systems and the balancing of a mobile free to play game.

Unnanounced and unreleased.
Learning the fundamentals of game design and video game creation through courses taught by recognized professionals such as Nicolas Briere @OldSkullGames, Laurent Victorino @MonkeyMoon, Yannick Berthier @MotionTwin, Emmanuel Guardiola @CologneGameLab, and more. These studies provided the perfect environment to stimulate my creativity and curiosity, both within academic and extracurricular projects, allowing me to improve my expertise in game design and systems design, as well as deepen my various skills, such as programming, Photoshop, and more.
Designed several FIFA competitions and rankings, the forum user flow, wrote HTML/CSS/JS customized content (result generators, database, etc.), managed more than 4000 members/players and the staff.

And the most important :) Participated in international e-sport competitions and was selected in the France national team.
Designed over 20 champions on the dedicated forum for suggestions in the game, defining their story in the League of Legends universe, designing and balancing the various suggested champions' mechanics. Accumulated several thousand views and community requests for the creation of champions and their implementation in the game.